Allison Dill

We have loved being a part of the Learning Academy family! My son Logan, 2 years old, loves coming to school to see his friends and teachers! He has learned so much in his year of being here. He talks in full sentences and is getting to be a great communicator! We will miss seeing you all so much! Thank you all for taking such good care of my boy and all the things he has learned here!

Allison Dill

To Miss Kaitlyn and Miss Janice,

Thank you so much for being wonderful teachers, mentors, and friends for Lily. She went from being afraid to go to school, to loving being there. She's learned so much and become a smarter, kinder and more social little lady because of the hard work you put in.

Thanks so much,
Bryon, Kelley and of course Lily Bastin

Jason Perkins

My Wife and I had Norah in a couple of daycares. One was shut down due to non-compliance with state regulations. The other was nice, but the selection and quality of the workers wasn't there - apathetic and non-engaged; just going through the motions.

Wanted to say thank you to all the staff and leadership of The Learning Academy. It is nice to have a secure feeling knowing that my child is left in good hands. It's a definite compliment to yall's personal and professional integrity.

Again Thank You,
Jason Perkins

This center is awesome. All the staff is amazing and they truly care about all the children. My child's teacher in Pre-K is absolutely exceptional. Very attentive, patient, and compassionate. The education in the room is very impressive and I can see a huge increase in my child's knowledge already!

Ryan, Tabatha, Sawyer & Daisy Cooper

Dear Ms. Audra,

Thank you for creating such a nurturing environment for Sawyer (and soon Daisy too!). It is apparent that the people you employ love children and are committed to their care. We appreciate your patience with Sawyer as he has gone through the sometimes difficult transition from being a baby to becoming an independent little boy. He loves his class, his teachers and the time he spends at your establishment. We feel very lucky to have such great child care for our family. We hope you have a Christmas season filled with joy!

Kelly Harris

Our family had a wonderful babysitter, but she changed jobs and was not available to keep our son any longer. We enrolled our 10 month old at The Learning Academy and have been very pleased with the care and attention he receives there. It has taken him no time at all to adjust and become comfortable with his caregivers. He now lights up when we mention "school" and the names of his classmates and teachers. In addition, all of the staff are very friendly. We are always greeted by more than one person when entering and leaving the facility. There is little that compares to the peaceful feeling that comes from knowing your child is well cared for when you are away. We have found that in the care our son receives at The Learning Academy.